Today’s Quiz

Today’s Quiz Question is actually more a plea for help to identify a roadside plant which caught my eye yesterday.¬†050

It was tall, at  least 1.2m, and grew in a large clump. It had the faintest blue flowers.051

I thought the leaves might give it away as they were quite distinctive but, Google has let me down on this one.054

I am sure it must be common and well known, but not to me!

Any ideas please?

Daily Quiz Answers

018This is Allium roseum, or Rosy Garlic, a Mediterranean bulb introduced into Britain around 1750 as a culinary herb which subsequently escaped and naturalised in the hedgerows of southern England. The sparse pale pink flowers and bright red bulbils are an unusual but striking combination.018

And this is Clematis integrifolia preparing to flower. In a few weeks it will look like thisClematis integrifolia

Today’s Quiz Question

018Well, as only one person attempted my quiz question the other day, I thought I would try a slightly easier one. I have just seen this rather interesting flower head emerging from a ‘pod’ in an Open Garden this afternoon. The ‘pod’ appears to be formed by a pair of terminal leaves.019

I have to confess that I had never seen it before and was intrigued. I had to ask the owner what it was. I was amazed at the answer.021

I am looking forward to your suggestions!

Today’s Quiz

018This is a bulb. It is approx 40 cm high and is growing well in my alkaline clay (pH 7.2).

I don’t remember planting it although I suppose I must have. It was probably in a mixed Spring and Summer collection from Spalding Bulbs which contained tulips, narcissus, iris and alliums.

I have no idea what it is and cannot find it on the wondernet.

So, come on friends, visitors and my fellow bloggers, what do you reckon eh?