Today’s Quiz Question

018Well, as only one person attempted my quiz question the other day, I thought I would try a slightly easier one. I have just seen this rather interesting flower head emerging from a ‘pod’ in an Open Garden this afternoon. The ‘pod’ appears to be formed by a pair of terminal leaves.019

I have to confess that I had never seen it before and was intrigued. I had to ask the owner what it was. I was amazed at the answer.021

I am looking forward to your suggestions!

3 thoughts on “Today’s Quiz Question

  1. I think it is Paris quadriflolia – something I have been after. I thought I had bought it, it was labelled so, but turned out to be a lily!

  2. Hi Helen
    Close, but not correct I’m afraid. I admit it fooled me completely and had to ask the owner. I was totally surprised at the answer! It is an unusual variety of a common species.
    Have a great time in San Francisco at the Garden Blogger’s Fling. I look forward to the posting on your return!
    Best wishes

  3. I think the plant could be a Zinnia about to flower, although it does appear early for a Zinnia.

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