Today’s Quiz

Today’s Quiz Question is actually more a plea for help to identify a roadside plant which caught my eye yesterday. 050

It was tall, at  least 1.2m, and grew in a large clump. It had the faintest blue flowers.051

I thought the leaves might give it away as they were quite distinctive but, Google has let me down on this one.054

I am sure it must be common and well known, but not to me!

Any ideas please?

5 thoughts on “Today’s Quiz

    • Thank you Dr. Booky, that appears to be absolutely correct! I have never seen it before it was so beautiful I am amazed nobody has hybridised it. It has all the qualities of a good garden plant.

  1. Dear David, I am not sure what the plant is but I have Cichorium Intybus and it has lovely deep powder blue flowers and grows to six feet plus and the basal leaves are 12″ plus and very floppy.

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