Terrific Trelissick

Salvia 'Trelissick Creamy Yellow'I am a sucker for Salvias and this latest addition to my little collection is just gorgeous. I was wandering around the Floral Pavilion at  BBC Gardener’s World Live telling myself not to buy anything, that I have no room, that plants are too expensive at shows like this, that I would rather grow things from seeds or cuttings, that…….and then I saw it! A hardy microphylla variety, ‘Trelissick Creamy Yellow’. It was planted within a group of hardy herbaceous perennials on the stand and I managed to buy the last one for £4.50 which I told myself was a bargain for such a beauty. Now all I have to do is find somewhere to put it!


Garvinea 'Rachel'

Garvinea ‘Rachel’

There is something about red. I just love it. I seem to be drawn to it. It is warm and ripe and hot. I have a lot of reds in the garden. Here are just a few.

Salvia microphylla 'Royal Bumble'

Salvia microphylla ‘Royal Bumble’

This pretty Salvia is in flower at the moment right outside the garden room window alongside the popular ‘Hot Lips’.

Red Pelargonium

Red Pelargonium

Pelargoniums are such a reliable performer in a hot summer and I always buy a few to put in pots around the patio.244

I love big blousy red poppiesDahlia 'Redskin Mix'


And red dahlias…this is ‘Redskin’051

And Geum ‘Mrs Bradshaw’ a chance seedling introduced by Perry’s nursery in Enfield017

You might have read about my love of chillies and this particular Cayenne variety which grows so well in my greenhouse

Yum Yum!

Yum Yum!

And finally, our scrumptious and reliable autumn raspberry ‘Brice’ .

Just can’t resist red!


Plant of the Day

I went into the greenhouse this morning and was mesmerised by the sun catching the last few flowers of the beautiful and elegant Salvia patens ‘Cambridge Blue’. Easy to grow from seed but only half hardy, I am going to try to keep this one going through the winter. Apparently it forms a tuber which must be kept frost free and on the dry side.  I thought it was worth sharing.