Banana Bloom Boost


It seems that bananas may be good for our plant health as well as our own. Not sure how well known this tip is but yesterday a nurseryman told me to save my breakfast banana skins and use them as a high potassium fertiliser! Apparently, they break down in the soil or a pot really slowly and release up to 40% potassium which is great for flowers and fruit. He was referring particularly to Clematis but said it worked really well for roses and tomatoes too.
You can either bury the skins directly under the plant or spread them out on the surface of the soil, and because they turn brown quickly, you won’t see them after a few days. He also said it was easy to store them for later use by drying them in a warm oven for half an hour and then sealing them in an air-tight container kept somewhere cool. As it happens, I have just had a banana with my muesli and yoghurt so I will be checking it out!

3 thoughts on “Banana Bloom Boost

  1. I do this all the time,but my hubby goes mad when I do it to the rose at the front door,it’s true though it goes black so quickly no one sees it and there are plenty of other things growing around there to disguise it

    • Thanks Debbie. You can also put some mulch over them too if they offend the eye. I tried drying some and grinding them up into bits but I think they work better if you just let them decompose naturally. I have been putting them into my wormery for several years and they disappear really quickly.

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