Terrific Trelissick

Salvia 'Trelissick Creamy Yellow'I am a sucker for Salvias and this latest addition to my little collection is just gorgeous. I was wandering around the Floral Pavilion at  BBC Gardener’s World Live telling myself not to buy anything, that I have no room, that plants are too expensive at shows like this, that I would rather grow things from seeds or cuttings, that…….and then I saw it! A hardy microphylla variety, ‘Trelissick Creamy Yellow’. It was planted within a group of hardy herbaceous perennials on the stand and I managed to buy the last one for £4.50 which I told myself was a bargain for such a beauty. Now all I have to do is find somewhere to put it!

3 thoughts on “Terrific Trelissick

  1. That was a fair price for such a lovely plant. I grow most of my plants from seed and cuttings too, but sometimes you just have to buy something so tempting.

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