Xmas Quiz 2020 – Round Two!

Welcome Back!

I’m glad the tricky first round of anagrams didn’t put you off! From the feedback I received from some of you, I seem to have set the bar quite high. However, when you see the answers I am sure you will agree that they weren’t really that difficult!

Here are the answers:

  1. pansies suit crocus (of a pheasant) Narcissus poeticus (Pheasant Eye)
  2. I burn brighter berries (prickly) Berberis thunbergii
  3. ant creosote (winter berries) Cotoneaster
  4. no play huts (not primroses) Polyanthus
  5. nesta, joke and weep (invasive) Japanese Knotweed
  6. a balanced, cosy chinchilla (Malteser?) Lychnis chalcedonica alba (Maltese Cross)
  7. fruitier soluble goulash (Corsica?) Helleborus argutifolius (Corsican Hellebore)
  8. aerial storm (of Peru?) Alstroemeria (Peruvian Lilly)
  9. Ooh heck, Alan (hummocks) Hakonechloa
  10. unhurt barnacle busters (commonly a drunken sailor?) Centranthus ruber albus (The white version of Red Valerian but has the common names of Drunken Sailor as well as Bouncing Bess for some obscure reason!)

Round Two – Cryptic Clues

The answer to each of these clues is the name of a wild flower or garden plant – (number in brackets is letters in each word).

One point for each correct answer

1. Musical instrument (5)

2. Bovine takes a tumble (7)

3. They seek him here – they seek him there (7,9)

4. Evergreen drink (9)

5. She’s close to her pupil (4)

6. The Universe as an ordered whole (6)

7. A new one sweeps clean (5)

8. Is it found at the Forge? (3,3,5)

9. Enclosure in criminal court for prisoner (4)

10. Having a right ding dong in the Emerald Isle (5,2,7)

Round Two answers and Round Three questions will be here on Wednesday.

Good luck!

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