Six on Saturday

It is getting more difficult to find six interesting things to feature on Saturday at this time of year, particularly when it is cold and wet. However, there is always something going on so here goes.

This little delicate Pelargonium ‘Apple Blossom’ is still going strong although now indoors. It is definitely one of my favourites and may keep going through the winter if I can keep it cool and carefully watered.

Most things in the garden are going to sleep or puckered up with the cold but this Anthemis punctata (I think!) never seems to stop flowering. It seems to be happy in this spot and, apart from a light trim in March, is maintenance free. Like all my grey leaved, sun loving plants, I never water or feed it.

The Blackthorn tree at the end of the road is once again laden with sloes, although only at the top where the local foragers have been unable to reach. The blackbirds will demolish them in double quick time. I notice that people on forums are noticing an absence of birds feeding in their gardens at the moment due to nature’s current bounty.

Frost on the sedums last week.

This gorgeous Salvia patens ‘Cambridge Blue’ is flowering again! This time in the greenhouse but still remarkably late.

Finally, the cold frame is now full of young plants which will hunker down for the winter and burst into life next year to fill gaps, replace losses and fill the sales tables at gardening club meetings…if we ever have any!

Have a great weekend and why not have a bash at the Quiz!


3 thoughts on “Six on Saturday

  1. There is an advantage in the scarcity of colour in the gardens at this time of year as it forces us to go and look more carefully for things of interest and we see many things which otherwise we might simply pass by. I enjoyed your findings from this week.

  2. Interesting to know that other people are finding that the birds aren’t hungry yet! Our hawthorn and ivy berries are disappearing fast, but the peanuts and niger seeds on the feeding station are being completely ignored. Only the suet balls attract the odd blue tit!


  3. Thanks Paddy. I agree that with less abundance in the garden, the little things become more obvious and important. I barely give the Anthem is a thought as I pass it daily, but suddenly it catches my eye.

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