Xmas Quiz 2020!

Welcome to the Xmas Quiz!

As an antidote to all the bad news and bad weather, I thought we could have a bit of festive fun and test your knowledge (and your memory!).

There will be several rounds over the next three weeks including straightforward questions, multiple choice, anagrams, “Who / What am I?”, picture identification, cryptic clues and more. Do as many or as few as you like. Dip in and out. Take it seriously or do it just for fun.

Jot down your answers on a piece of paper and check them against the answers I provide a few days later. Keep your score for each round and let me know the total at the end of the quiz.

I can’t hand out prizes due to the current restrictions but I promise to drink to your health!

I make no apology that the questions are at the tougher end of the horticultural spectrum but I know how clever you are and you wouldn’t want it too easy!

Open to everyone. Followers of my blog will get a notification, Cottage Garden Society members will get an email or a WhatsApp message and it will be posted on our Facebook page for others to join in.

Every three days, I will leave the answers to the previous round and set the questions for the next round.

Round One – AnagramsName that plant or flower

One point for each correct answer

  1. pansies suit crocus (of a pheasant)
  2. I burn brighter berries (prickly)
  3. ant creosote (winter berries)
  4. no play huts (not primroses)
  5. nesta, joke and weep (invasive)
  6. a balanced, cosy chinchilla (Malteser?)
  7. fruitier soluble goulash (of Corsica?)
  8. aerial storm (of Peru?)
  9. Ooh heck, Alan (hummocks)
  10. unhurt barnacle busters (commonly a drunken sailor?)

Round one answers and round two questions will be here on Monday.

Have a great weekend and good luck!


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