DSC_0023Does anyone know what this is please?????? It looks like an onion/allium but this seems to be the flower! A sort of knobbly hairy thing with no petals, stamens or any other ‘nice’ bits. It wouldn’t win a beauty contest and seems rather confused.

4 thoughts on “Question

  1. Thanks Chloris. I have looked it up and I have decided to pull it up immediately! Strange how things like that suddenly appear. Birds maybe, or wind…I certainly didn’t plant it! I had a discussion with someone today about another couple of ‘wild flowers’ in my garden namely Toadflax and Knapweed which have suddenly arrived and are beginning to pop up everywhere. They are good Bee plants but you have to be vigilant or they’ll take over!

  2. Well I certainly couldn’t have answered your question (except the Allium bit) so I will look it up too out of interest. By the way, great to have you ‘back’. Always enjoy your posts.

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