I’m Back!

I was just wandering around my garden at 9.30pm with a glass of wine thinking “I wonder if I should post something on my blog? Has it been too long? Will the world forgive me for finding golf and fly fishing again? Does my garden still merit a mention or two? And then this Turkish sage, Phlomis russeliana, grown from seed three years ago and only just performing well and glowing in the twilight reminded me why I love my garden so much and why I like sharing it with others. So, here I am again! Old camera, new laptop, significant changes to show and tell, ready for a season of goodies.

7 thoughts on “I’m Back!

  1. Good to see you back…not before time. Your blogs were always excellent. My Phlomis is also doing very well this year.

  2. Aah! Thanks Gill. The blue is a tall hardy unknown Geranium grown from seed during my ‘Geranium Period’ a few years ago. Funny how you get stuck on something for a while and then move on. Currently it’s Thalictrums. They are coming out of my ears at the moment!

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