Glorious or not?

DSC_0006There are dozens of varieties of Ipomea, that rather bindweed-like twining climber of the genus Convolvulaceae more commonly known as Morning Glory. I grow a few each year, usually the common ‘Grandpa Ott’ or ‘Heavenly Blue’. So this year, when the Which? Gardening trials were announced and volunteers sought, I was attracted by the offer of free seeds of Ipomea ‘Decapo Light Blue’ with the taxing request to “make a note of when the first flowers appear”. Incidentally, that was 19 June because I started them off in April and planted them out far too early!

But never mind when it starts to flower, I think the question they should have asked is “do you like the colour” and my answer would be “Sensational!” It literally glows and is beautiful when backlit by the morning sun. Try it, you’ll love it!

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