Germinating Strawberries

When I finally got down to sowing the Toscana F1 strawberries from DT Brown, I read a few reviews and blog items and it seemed that germination was a bit tricky, particularly at this time of year, even in a propagator. However, I came across a “surefire” way of getting the pesky little seeds to germinate on an american homemade youtube video which looked promising so I decided to give it a try and……………….it worked!014

A week after placing the tiny seeds on damp kitchen paper sealed inside a ziplock plastic bag kept in a warm, light place, seven out of ten have germinated. I am not bothered about the others at the moment, experience has shown they can be erratic so they can stay in the bag a bit longer.

In the meantime, I have just carefully transferred the seedlings by toothpick into a pot of sieved seed compost. Fingers crossed!012


2 thoughts on “Germinating Strawberries

  1. Wow! how did you transplant them? I happen to kill my seedlings everytime I try to transplant them when they are tiny. That’s why I am now adopting the trick of let them grow much bigger before any transplant.

  2. Hi KL and thanks for your comment. Yes, they are very tricky, you need good eyesight and a toothpick! It is essential that you don’t touch the tiny seedlings with your fingers so I just make a tiny hole in the surface of the compost with one end of the toothpick and use the other end to lift the seedling and drop it into the hole. Don’t worry if they lie flat at this stage, within 24 hours they will stand up in the direction of the light.
    Look in again sometime. Bye for now. David

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