Greenhouse update – Day three

And it was all going so well!

I managed to dismantle most of the framework but the ridge and gable ends obviously had other ideas. Cathy to the rescue….again! However, even though her spirit was willing as usual, the flesh was a little too weak for this one. Cue the burly builder working in the house. “Just climb up this ladder mate and hold this for a couple of minutes while I remove the last few nuts will you?” Burly builder kindly obliged and down it came.

Then started the first of several trips home, greenhouse parts in car.

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Greenhouse update…..Day two

Once the home-made wooden staging was removed, it was time to remove the glass, all 113 panes of it! It was quite a task and took all day but it is done. I had to enlist Cathy’s help to remove the panes next to the ridge as I felt rather unsafe 2.7 metres high holding wet glass and she was her wonderful, dutiful, helpful self. Without complaint she stood around in the cold damp weather and stacked the glass, picked up the clips I dropped and generally cheered me up. We had a laugh about a couple of 61 year olds still doing stuff our kids would probably not attempt! Continue reading