Six on Saturday

The garden is suddenly exploding into life thanks to the warm and wet conditions we are currently enjoying. This shrubbery with Viburnum plicatum and Euphorbia palustris make a fine show.

This Anthemis punctata softens the path edges and looks lovely backed up by the dark leaved Physocarpus ‘Diablo’. For a Mediterranean grey leaved plant, it certainly loves the rain!

Erysimum variegatum looking a bit straggly after the winter but flowering and sending out new shoots to flower later in the year. Reliable, bone hardy and easy from cuttings to replace these short lived perennials.

The alliums are a bit later this year but now about to burst into flower.

Geum ‘Totally Tangerine’ which seems to like its partly shaded position between the Philadelphus and the Thalictrums.

Finally, the first flowers of self seeded Hesperis matronalis ‘Alba’ which was originally grown many years ago from seed and now pops up wherever it feels like it. The violet version seems to have disappeared and just the white ones remain. The clove sweet fragrance on a warm summer evening is everything you could want from a scented plant. Mainly pollinated by moths I believe but enjoyed by many other pollinators too.

Enjoy your weekend