Marvellous Malvern

Tulip Flaming Spring GreenI went on my annual pilgrimage to the Malvern Spring Gardening Show today and enjoyed every moment. There was far too much to see in one day, and certainly far more than my feet would tolerate, but by going armed with a list of essential “must see” plants, show gardens and accessories, I managed to see everything in just 6 hours!’ This was my ‘Plant of the Day’, Tulip ‘Flaming Spring Green’ which was simply scrumptious and definitely on my list for September.


Prompted by a post from a blogging friend, Helen Johnstone aka ‘The Patient Gardener’ this morning, I enjoyed a visit to the Alpine Gardening Society stand and found Helen’s exhibit in the Open Show which earned her a second prize and certainly deserved it. 006















Nearby there was a winning exhibit of Phalaris arundinacea ‘Picta’ aka ‘Gardeners Garters’ which surprised me as it is so easy to grow I would describe it as invasive. I have it in my pond and popped some cuttings into some nasty thick clay where it has thrived and the clump is at risk of being dug up as it is getting so big.

















This is a bit difficult to see but it is Anthriscus ‘Ravens Wing’, which I had previously lusted after, However, having now seen it in the flesh I am glad I didn’t lust too hard, it is what it is….just black Cow Parsley!

















My major purchase of the day were ‘Plant Belles’, gorgeous rusty steel plant supports to help with my floppy herbaceous problem. Stop it! I am talking specifically about my lovely but wayward hardy chrysanthemums which, despite a ‘Chelsea Chop’ in June, grow relentlessly upward and then inevitably fall over in the slightest late summer wind. As they are in the front garden and on display for all to see I needed something a little better than my home-made woven hazel contraptions.


On the way home, out of the corner of my eye, I caught sight of three ‘Breeze Houses’ in a pub car park. Good idea to use wood and thatch for a smoking shelter!

1 thought on “Marvellous Malvern

  1. Arh thanks for the mention and its nice to know that my plant is receiving visitors during its stay at the show, maybe I should have left a visitors book by it!! Those plantbelles were certainly popular on Thursday. I know that pub, they do quite good food as well

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