It’s all Greek to me!


Osteospermum. From the Greek Osteon meaning bone and spermum from the Latin meaning seed. Why? I haven’t been able to discover a reason for this name but it may be to do with the shape or other qualities of the seeds. Some botanical Latin really foxes me. Like why is Allium nigrum white when the name means black!?016

This is Osteospermum ‘Cannington Roy’ which loves it in the gravel against the wall and in full sun. Could it be ‘bone’ hardy?011

I mentioned this odd looking Allium roseum last year, It’s common name is Rosy Garlic because it produces what look like garlic bulbs within the flower head. Pretty little thing and has bulked up well this year.001

The Bearded Iris rhizomes given to me by a friend two years ago have done incredibly well and produced masses of flowers this year. I just wish they lasted a bit longer.028

Finally for now, if anyone is worried about hard pruning their Cotinus coggygria, don’t be. I have cut mine back to bone (there’s that word again!) two years running and it shoots from the stem/trunk no problem. In fact, I have to rub a few shoots off as there are always too many. I also find the new foliage is a better colour. Obviously, this is not a good idea if you want the famous smoky flowers at the end of the summer…there won’t be any! To get those you have to create a framework of shoots and that, unfortunately, usually means big and ugly.