Six on Saturday

Late to the party today due to some real, actual proper gardening. All day, since 9am, non-stop. Loved every minute and enjoyed the endorphins it brought me after so many weeks of waiting and planning.

The flowering currants are looking good today although still some way to go before that Ta-dah! moment.

This lucky Lady found a home with its own water supply for the winter. Several of her sisters unfortunately disturbed today but those that were awake got relocated to a new home.

Very pleased with my rose cuttings which have all seemingly formed roots and are sending up new growth. Those that know about such things tell me to leave well alone until next winter and then pot them up separately ‘bare rooted’ and they should flower in 2022. Am I alone in marvelling at such a thing? Even now, I get a huge kick out of bringing cuttings to life.

.My first time using Strulch as a weed suppressing mulch and I have started with my strawberries. The mineralisation process of the straw is supposed to inhibit slugs and snails so this was a good place to start! I have another 5 bags to go so watch this space for opinions and results.

The new shoots of Sambucas nigra ‘Black Lace’ are stunning before they unfurl into leaves.

Myrtle got hit by the frost. Her new shoots will be snipped off and she will look as pretty as ever in a new outfit next week.

The thick layer of composted bark fines I used to mulch the Silver Birches has not deterred the spring bulbs which have had an extra 75mm to push their way through. Another couple of years and it should be spectacular.

Have a great weekend and stay safe


9 thoughts on “Six on Saturday

  1. The stone trough of hyacinths at the top of your post looks wonderful. I’ve also ordered some Strulch for the first time and will be interested to hear what you think of it too. And I agree cuttings seem miraculous!

    • Hi Mrs Bailey. Can’t claim the stone trough I’m afraid. It was at an open garden a few years ago. The trough alone would be beyond my means! The Strulch gets very good press and the RHS endorse it so pretty safe to assume it works. However, my biggest concern is how it looks. I am just not sure I like it!

  2. That’s lovely, David, thank you. Our ribs are still in tight bud. I’m hoping the stretch will do a sterling job in inhibiting at least some of the ash tree seedlings we get ……… might be a vain hope! I shall try rose cuttings as we have one that’s been passed down 3 generations so far ….. must keep it going!

    • Morning Carol. Just caught me before I get back out there! Good point about the Strulch, hadn’t considered it from the point of view of preventing germination from falling tree seeds. However, in my experience, Ash seeds can germinate through concrete so a little straw isn’t going to stop them!
      The rose cuttings were a surprise. All 12 in two pots seem to have rooted! I think the jury is still out on how good they will be compared to grafted roses but definitely worth a try.

  3. Re the strawberries: I have always used straw as a mulch around them and it works well, retaining moisture and supressing weeds.

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