Six on Saturday

Today is all about shooting! New shoots, everywhere. As soon as the days begin to lengthen and the skies brighten, plants sense it is time to get started again. This Photinia fraserii ‘Red Robin’ is a good example. It’s just a shame they will get clipped off at the end of April.

My growing collection of Day Lillies (Hemerocallis) is already up and away and I love the lush new foliage.

Roses, roses and more roses! This is their second year so they have only had a light pruning while they are still making roots. Sixteen new bareroot roses were planted last February and, I am relieved to say, they are all still alive!

The fat Wisteria buds are swelling nicely ready to burst into flower in April. This one is Wisteria chinensis ‘Prolific’, a delightful pale lavender blue. Still a very young plant but one which should easily clothe this year’s project, a pergola to screen the south facing patio.

The new shoots of Thalictrum ‘Anne’ which will easily put on 2m of growth by June and display her beautiful mauve flowers, each one with bright yellow stamens which must shine like beacons to the bees,

Early stirrings from the Tree Peonies.

The last remaining Snowdrops holding on for a few more days and welcoming the Chionodoxa (Scilla) under the Silver Birches.

Phlox and Aconitum racing away.

The Sweet Peas sowed last October and pinched out twice to restrain their tendency to get leggy in the greenhouse will hopefully get planted out in two weeks when the clocks go forwards if the weather is kind to us.

Have a great weekend and stay safe.


11 thoughts on “Six on Saturday

    • Hi Lou. Yes, life in the garden has begun again! We do seem to make life difficult for ourselves! If only we could get rid of this damned virus life would be sweet again. Won’t be long now! Stay safe over there. x

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