Six on Saturday

We are forecast to get 6 inches of snow tonight so things will look a bit different tomorrow!

These emerging Iris reticulata ‘Katharine Hodgkin’ and crocuses will definitely be buried but they are tough and will enjoy their cosy blanket.

The snowdrops won’t mind either. Much tougher than they look. This little clump was lifted and divided last year and recovered as if nothing had happened.

I have been very impressed with these sweet Scabious, Scabiosa atropurpurea, which seem totally hardy and seed themselves around, even in my cold alkaline clay soil. Considering they come from around Greece and Turkey, they do well in Cheltenham! I am never quite sure what colour I am going to get which is half the attraction.

I am not so impressed with the Dutch Iris I made the mistake of planting some years ago when I got them as a free gift with an order from J Parker Bulbs. For many months they look like a straggly weed and then flower, very briefly after which the foliage usually folds itself flat on the ground until it turns brown and is removed. Not what I would describe as a good value plant. No wonder they were giving them away!

This Euphorbia palustris however, is an absolute cracker of a plant and gets five stars for being hardy, reliable, a strong grower and a statuesque beauty. Needs a bit of support, but don’t we all!

Remarkably, here we are in late January and the Poinsettia I bought back in November is still going strong. Usually by now, all the lower green leaves would have dropped off and it would be looking a little skeletal. I found the answer to a healthy Poinsettia – cold tea. Yes, the dregs from the teapot seem to be a fine tonic and keep it looking perky!

That’s my Six for this Saturday.

Now, where did I put that snow shovel?!


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