Six on Saturday

If it’s not snow, hail and sleet, it’s rain….lots of rain, relentless rain, running down the hill in a torrent rain. And yet, the garden remains relatively unscathed, the hardy winter species toughing it out, even enjoying the conditions. This Cyclamen coum is one and just coming into flower, delayed by the three inches of composted bark I heaped on the area it inhabits.

Alongside the Cyclamen are hopefully the beginnings of massed snowdrops beneath the Silver Birches. I lifted and divided over 200 bulbs ‘in the green’ last year but they look like little lonely soldiers until they get re-established in their new homes.

The remains of the established clumps are a little sparse now but they will soon recover. I am by no means a Galanthophile and only have five or six different varieties but to me they are the first flowers of spring, a time to be joyful and look forward to better days ahead.

Seed sown wallflowers which are flowering in their second year. A welcome sight in amongst the detritus of the herbaceous border.

My nemesis weeds are Hairy Bittercress and Lesser Celandine, both of which are impossible to eradicate. At this time of year I start the process of removal but I know it is a fruitless task. I have been battling with these two plus the ubiquitous sun spurge, Euphorbia helioscopia for over ten years and made virtually nil progress!

A job I missed in November, reduce the growth on Salvia ‘Hotlips’ by a third to stop it rocking in the wind and uprooting itself. Must do it tomorrow!

This young self sown Euphorbia characias landed happily in the right spot so was left to grow. It looks like it might be producing some flowers in just it’s second year. I love the acid green bracts and flowers which brighten up dull days and improve my mood.

That’s all folks! Stay safe and let your gardens be your solace in these difficult times.


3 thoughts on “Six on Saturday

  1. Fabulous to learn of self sown Euphorbia characias. I’ve bought 2 online supposedly wulfenii-instead of the acid green I got muddy green! One day!!

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