Xmas Quiz 2020 – Round Eight Answers and Final Scores!

Well, that’s it, the Xmas Quiz is over for this year. I hope you enjoyed it, learnt a few things and had a bit of fun!

Here are the answers to the Round Eight Picture Quiz – Name that Gardener!

Give yourself one point for each correct answer

From top left to bottom right:

  1. William Robinson
  2. Vita Sackville-West
  3. Sir Roy Strong
  4. Rosemary Verey
  5. Piet Oudolf
  6. Margery Fish
  7. Lawrence Johnston
  8. Kim Wilde
  9. Judith Haan
  10. John Grimshaw
  11. Gertrude Jekyll
  12. Geoffrey Smith
  13. Gay Search
  14. Fergus Garrett
  15. Carl Linnaeus
  16. Beth Chatto
  17. Arthur Billet
  18. Anne Swithinbank

If you got all 18 right, very well done! Arthur Billet was the tricky one, he took over from Percy Thrower as presenter of Gardener’s World!

The maximum available score for the eight rounds was 164. How did you do?

I hope you kept a note of your scores for each round. Please add them up and either post them on my blog in the comments section, leave a comment on our Facebook page, send them in a CGS email or message them on our WhatsApp Group page.

Thank you for taking part. I look forward to announcing and congratulating the winner!

Best wishes for a Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Let’s hope the Vaccine works, the economy doesn’t collapse and we have a happy and healthy 2021!


4 thoughts on “Xmas Quiz 2020 – Round Eight Answers and Final Scores!

  1. Absolutely brilliant quiz – thanks so much for preparing it. I did reasonably well on the ‘name that gardener’ section but, whilst getting many of the names, not always matching the right name to the right photo!
    All the best for a safe Christmas and New Year – looking forward to more next year.


  2. I got a grand total of 8! But as a beginner I have no complaints. The best part for me was comparing the answers with the original question or picture. I’m sure other knowledgeable folk will have found it all equally enjoyable. Thank you David.

    • Okay, 8 is not going to win any prizes, but then again, there are no prizes! Glad you enjoyed it. To be fair, it was for the more experienced and knowledgeable gardening fraternity and you stuck with it so well done!

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