Xmas Quiz 2020 – Round Eight!

This is the Eighth and FINAL Round!

But first, here are the answers to Round Seven!

Give yourself one point for each correct answer

1. From where do Amaryllis bulbs originate? South Africa

2. Traditionally, white chess pieces are made from which wood? Holly

3. In England, a Yule log is traditionally Oak. What is it in Scotland? Birch

4. Which is the most popular type of tree sold at Christmas in the UK? Nordmann Fir

5. Bedford Fillbasket, Cromwell and Wellington are all types of what? Brussel Sprout

6. What type of bedding plant can survive the cold months? Pansy

7. The leaves and flowers of the Christmas Bush are often used for decoration in which country at Christmas? Australia

8. Which spice is added to oranges to provide a pleasant smelling Christmas decoration? Clove

9. In 1841, Prince Albert erected the first Christmas tree at which Royal residence? Windsor Castle

10. Mistletoe is a type of what? Parasite

Round Eight – FINAL Round!

Name That Gardener! Put a name to the following famous faces. They are all well known TV, Celebrity or historical figures in horticulture.

From Top left to bottom right – One point for each correct answer

Best of Luck!

Answers here on Wednesday.


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