Six on Saturday

We are currently enjoying the first reunion with our family for four months so I thought I would begin with a pic of our eldest son Matt and his niece (our granddaughter) Chloe whose second birthday we missed two weeks ago. A bit tenuous but this qualifies as a garden pic as they are in my new rose garden.

Not my pic, but one of our Cottage Garden Society members sent this as her entry into our ‘virtual’ Sweet Pea competition. Just a gorgeous colour combo.

A Facebook friend recently requested some seeds of this short lived perennial which, she says, is a good plant of night flying moths. Not sure about that but the scent is wonderful and the early flowers go really well with dark tulip ‘Queen of Night’

I have tried in vain to grow Dieramas, one on my ‘lust list’, but failed miserably due to my poor draining clay soil. No matter how much I improved the drainage, they died. Then, one of my friends high up in the hills above Bourton-on-the-Water sent me this pic of hers growing on stoney Cotswold brash. I almost wept!

I am very taken with this little Group 3 clematis which has the most beautiful lavender blue flowers, streaked with white and with bright yellow stamens. It is still very young but will hopefully survive and prosper.

Never much cared for this plant but, having just moved it into a more favourable position, I am warming to it. Oddly, it never self seeds for me. I have had the same clump for ten years.

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