Six on Saturday

How often do you see wild cherries these days? Way up in the Cotswolds above Naunton, about as high as it gets around here. Wonderful to see and delicious to eat!

What I now believe to be Rosa ‘Super Dorothy’ although I can’t be sure. Inherited with the garden, in an awkward spot by a gate, very thorny and very pretty.

I am always impressed with plants that come back from the Chelsea Chop like this Leucanthemum. More flowers, later flowers on shorter stems that don’t need staking. Win, win.

Fruit picking time! Wonderful crops of blackcurrants and strawberries this year so far, redcurrants and gooseberries still to come. Yum, yum!

Another of my ‘no-name’ plants inherited with the garden ten years ago. Looks like Phlox paniculata ‘Coral Flame’ but I actually think it is the long lost ‘Windsor’ which makes it a little special. Doesn’t get mildew either!

Finally, these pesky Hesperantha seedlings keep popping up all over the garden and always in places I don’t want them! Can’t bear to throw them away so more pots to give away!

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