Wonderful Welsh Weather


It was a great opening day at the RHS Cardiff Flower Show last Friday and astonishingly good weather for early April. These two young ladies were highly entertaining and certainly tickled the lady from Petrichor Bulbs.IMG_20170407_135004

The narcissus display by Cornwall’s Ron Scamp was utterly breathtaking and demonstrated the sheer breadth of colour and form available from the humble daffodil.IMG_20170407_121410

Alliums in flower on 7th April?? Sadly not grown here but impressive nevertheless. I had an engaging five minutes with the supplier who confirmed that bulbs don’t sell unless the public can see the results for real, pictures just won’t do.IMG_20170407_131111

Can’t remember the name of this hydrangea but it was a stunner!IMG_20170407_123400

Unlike Michael Heseltine who, it has to be said, is now in his twilight years and should perhaps have left his book promotion to his publishers. I am sure Thenford is a wonderful estate but his slide show and presentation left a lot to be desired.IMG_20170407_141356

On a lighter note, I just loved this woven willow caterpillar which obviously took someone a lot of time and effort. It was greatly admired by all!IMG_20170407_142940

This ‘frameless’ greenhouse caught my eye but I am not sure it is going to catch on. One flying stone from a lawnmower, a poorly kicked football, an overloaded wheelbarrow or simply a fallen pot and the result could be interesting and expensive!IMG_20170407_124439

It was a great little show and good value compared to some of the bigger RHS events at just £9 entry for members. It was small though, probably due to the early date in the calendar, but I would go again just to get my first horticultural fix of the year.


2 thoughts on “Wonderful Welsh Weather

  1. Great Blog David but it may be worth noting the frameless greenhouse is Pretty tough and I’d invite you to kick a football through it!

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