Mid Week Review


Sometimes it’s the happy accidents that make the all the difference like this Euphorbia characias and Clematis macropetala, what a lovely colour combination.IMG_20170404_173008

Always exciting to see Euphorbia griffithii ‘Fireglow’ piercing through the ground. It loves my heavy clay soil.


The Fritillaria imperialis just before I spotted a Lily beetle!


Who says Hyacinths don’t grow well after being forced in pots. This one is five years old and getting better every year.

3 thoughts on “Mid Week Review

  1. I think I have this clematis is yours Frances rivis, I grow mine through a Kerria and it looks wonderful. I have planted out my potted hyacinths for years and they always flourish and retain their fabulous perfume. What a lovely month in the garden!

    • Hi Jeanne. My clematis is a macropettala variety called ‘Wesselton’ whereas Frances rivis is an alpina with single petals. It must look stunning with the bright yellow Kerria. Best wishes, David.

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