October Sweet Peas!


Yes, it’s true, these sweet peas have been blooming since June and are still going strong 4 months later! Last year I had a hanging basket of Lathyrus odoratus ‘Dwarf Cupid Mix’ which were an interesting novelty but not particularly impressive. I decided not to bother with them this year but they obviously had other ideas. Some of the seed must have dried and dropped beneath where it germinated in April and gradually grew into a pretty old fashioned floribunda¬†reminiscent of ‘Cupani’ or perhaps ‘Matucana’ blue and purple bicolor. Wonderful scent on a shortish sprawling plant which mingled with the delphiniums, dahlias and verbenas. The remarkable thing is I haven’t removed any dead heads but it has continued to flower well which rather flies in the face of the advice to remove all spent flowers before the seedheads appear or the plant will stop flowering! I will leave it to drop it’s seeds at will and see if I get another batch next year.

1 thought on “October Sweet Peas!

  1. I tried some Lilac Ripple Sweet Peas this year. I mixed them in with some old Spencer mixed and the pot came out a treat. You had to be quite close to see the wavy ripple effect.

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