CKIB Trophies 2015Thrilled to bits! I won the prizes for best front garden AND best rear garden in the Charlton Kings in Bloom Competition this year. Two huge trophies and £50 of garden vouchers but the best bit was the feedback from the judges and I quote:

“Your garden is outstanding. Your borders were picture perfect with beautiful waves of colour, height and texture. Your rear garden flows well and again your choice of plants is exceptional. The standard of your garden is the highest we have ever seen. It’s been a real pleasure judging it.”

It was worth all the long hours and hard work just to hear that.

15 thoughts on “Success…….Again!

  1. Well done!! Having seen photos of your garden and its glorious plants, I know this is well deserved. The judges’ words are spot on.

  2. David that is absolutely awesome, can only imagine how thrilled you must be. Many congratulations. Am just getting back into the throes after the big C and enjoying every minute of trying to tame my acreage back into shape. You are an inspiration to us all, very well done, look forward to seeing more of your gorgeous photos.

    • Thanks Gill. Yes, I am understandably very chuffed but also rather humble (if you can believe that!) that people actually like what I have done and give me praise. I don’t garden for that reason but it’s lovely to share and be appreciated.

  3. Well done David….I was thinking of you today and wondering when the results were going to be published. It’s great. Please be a teacher to us amateurs and help us with your briliant ideas. What a talented gardener you are …. 🙂

    • Many thanks for your kind comment on my blog which really struck a chord with me. I think we sometimes forget that knowledge is there to be shared and if there is anything we can do to help others learn or improve or just pass on some tips then we should do it. Gardening is not as popular as it was, partly thanks to the availability of cheap food and partly thanks to the shortage of land which has resulted in tiny gardens for the last 40 years. A whole generation has grown up without the need or the ability to grow plants, flowers and vegetables.

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