At the Awards for this year’s Charlton Kings in Bloom competition I was awarded first prize for the best front garden and runner-up certificate for the best rear garden! I am absolutely delighted and would like to thank everyone for their good wishes. I have had lots of kind comments from people who have walked past, driven past or seen photos on my blog and it suddenly dawned on me that gardens can bring so much pleasure to  so many people.

6 thoughts on “Success!

  1. What a super trophy David, you must be absolutely delighted. I know how much hard work went into earning it so I am thrilled for you, it is so well deserved. Many many congratulations, but you do realise you have set a precedent. What on earth do you do for a encore!

  2. Thank you so much Jeanne. Yes, it seems to be obligatory to enter every year as a previous winner and I’ve also got the local paper coming tomorrow for an interview and photo shoot so yet more pressure!

  3. Always knew you had it in you! Many Congrats and we’ll deseved. Now we have to decide whether to visit Hampton Court next year or come to Highland Road! No contest , Highland Road all the way.

    Room for improvement next year on your rear! Did you lose points for the faded Axminster carpet on the compost? Never rely on sub contractors.

  4. Well done you!
    Is this the area where there is a lovely Cerxis Siliquestrum almost overhanging the road and a bit further up a wonderful trunk system of a wisteria on the opposite side of the street?
    We drive that way to get into the centre of town coming from Burford.

  5. Not quite. You would be coming in along the A40 from Burford but we live closer to the A435 Cirencester Road on the borders of Charlton Kings and Leckhampton. If you live in Burford you are lucky to have the wonderful Burford Garden Company to visit. We love it!

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