Judgement Day!


With everything as ready as I can make it, Judgement Day has arrived! In a few hours time, the four judges from Charlton Kings in Bloom will be arriving to critique the garden. No place to hide now. If there are weeds, I can’t find them. If there are dead flower heads, I’ve missed them. Good stripes though!037

I am pleased the Echinaceas have begun to open but I wonder if I should have removed that allium seed head!018

Sweet peas are looking lovely and smell divine.021

If they want to use the path I’m in trouble. Friday’s rain made everything lean. Agapanthus should impress them.010

The changes made to the middle garden earlier in the year have paid off and it is far more interesting and colourful now.046

I like the way the grass paths now disappear around the corner of the new beds.051

By removing the old Garrya elliptica and scruffy bit of lawn, the new gravel area is a good addition and a great place for a rest and a cuppa.060

In the back garden, the raised beds have performed well again this year with bumper crops of fruit and cut flowers.058

The Alstroemeria ‘Sweet Laura’ are impressive but will be thinned out in the autumn before they take over.057

The cordon grown Sweet Peas have been a challenge which I could have done without and won’t be repeated next year. 064

Some plants are so easy and so well behaved they deserve their place in any garden. Lychnis coronaria is such a plant. The crimson and the white versions work well together.026

A few last minute adjustments by the under-gardener and the stage is set. Fingers crossed!

5 thoughts on “Judgement Day!

  1. The garden looks beautiful and the real thing must be so much more so — the alstroemeria such a beautiful orange, for instance. Wonder what the dark leaved hedge is beyond your fellow gardener? Dodonea? Best of luck!

  2. Well, you will know the outcome by the time you read this but I have no doubt at all that they will love your garden – it’s tremendous, beautiful and so much to enjoy! My Echinaceas are only just thinking about flowering. Look forward to hearing again soon….

  3. Thank you for those kind words Alison. Yes, they have been and gone but I am no wiser. They will announce the results on 17 July at an evening event so we will just have to wait now! They said a lot of nice things and seemed to be impressed so fingers crossed. I will post the result as soon as I know.
    Kind regards

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