The Final Countdown

Delphiniums looking goodIt must have been a sudden rush of blood to the head but I have entered the garden in the local ‘In Bloom’ competition which will be judged on Sunday. It’s amazing just how much you find needs doing when you realise five illustrious horticulturists will shortly be walking around your garden with clipboards! More later. Must go. Weeding to be done.

7 thoughts on “The Final Countdown

    • You’ve caught me out. The pic was taken two weeks ago. I have cut them down now and placed a big pot of Dahlia merckii in the void. With luck the Echinaceas and Rudbeckia laciniata will be out. The first dahlias are out and there is a veritable forest of Verbena bonariensis. Sweet peas everywhere, alstroemeria and salvias in full bloom so plenty to see. Fingers crossed!

  1. I am sure you will have no problem being successful – from where I am sitting your garden looks glorious. Good Luck!

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