Rudbeckia Highlight

31082013544This was the highlight of my day on Saturday, which is saying something because I had just been to the Hardy Plant Society meeting and enjoyed the very humorous  Bob Brown of Cotswold Garden Flowers identifying and discussing the merits of beautiful, weird and wonderful plants and flowers with the extremely knowledgeable members of the Western Counties Group. I had to leave early at lunchtime and on my way back I passed this fabulous clump of Rudbekia laciniata in a cottage garden.

2 thoughts on “Rudbeckia Highlight

  1. Bob is a real character and very naturally funny. I don’t think he means to be…he just is! He is very knowledgeable but not afraid to say he doesn’t know. The mark of a true professional.
    I didn’t buy anything because I have no room left and I want to re-organise the borders before I buy anything else. Busy seed collecting at the moment… just collected hundreds of Dahlia merckii today….good for swaps.

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