The Big Debate

Thank you all for your kind comments, it’s good to know my little blog is appreciated. Another topic for debate next week!

Davids Garden Diary

Cosmos bipinnatusI have recently been alerted to the power and spread of this blog. It has amazed me and I feel rather humble as a result. The fact that people from all over the globe read my words is simply wonderful.

So, I wondered if those who read this would do me the enormous favour of joining in with a few lines of comment on a subject of my choice. Just a few words, that’s all. Unless you want to let rip in which case, be my guest.

Today’s subject is my neighbour’s contention that “Life is too short for dead heading Cosmos”. I think I may have already provided a clue as to how I feel about that!

I look forward to hearing your opinions!

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2 thoughts on “The Big Debate

  1. Hello David
    I really enjoy reading your e-mails and the lovely pictures. I first saw your column in Garden Answer and have been and avid follower since.
    Mary from Seaford East Sussex

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