Bidens aurea ‘Hannay’s Lemon Drop’

Just discovered lots of newly emerging growth so it is a truly hardy herbaceous perennial after all. Looking forward to an even better display this year.

Davids Garden Diary

This variety of the popular north american Bidens aurea was introduced many years ago by Hannay’s Nursery in Bath and is one of the hardier forms which is why I decided to try it here in the chilly Cotswolds. The seed, which is barbed helping it to hitch a ride from grazing animals, came from last year’s Cottage Garden Seed Exchange and was easy to germinate into very sturdy little plants. However, during April, May and June they just sat there at about 30cm tall waiting for some warmth and sunshine.

I had read that this form of Bidens can run and become a bit of a thug if it likes your soil and aspect so I decided to plant it carefully in several very different parts of the garden. To my total surprise, it has done best with it’s feet in sticky clay and is now 120cm high and…

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2 thoughts on “Bidens aurea ‘Hannay’s Lemon Drop’

  1. David, glad to read your comments about ‘Hannay’s Lemon Drop’ because I purchased a couple of them from Great Dixter nursery mail order this year, even although I had my doubts about their hardiness. Keep the blogs coming, I do not know how you find the time along with your gardening.

    • To be honest, after the winter we’ve just had I was surprised to see them come up but they look great…..and there are lots more of them too. Where I planted groups of three plants last year there must be 20 new shoots now so they clump up well. I suppose they are a little behind where they were last year at this time but I reckon they will catch up as they already have their roots down.

      Good luck. They are a great border plant and much admired.

      Kind regards



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