Little Owl – Big Rumpus!

The Wise Old Owl.......scared all the little birds away!

The Wise Old Owl…….scared all the little birds away!

This little chap turned up this morning after a frosty night, took up station in the Thuja tree near our bedroom window and sat there watching us! He is only the size of a fat Thrush, particularly when he fluffed himself up to keep warm.

We were excited at his arrival and were hoping he would stay until we realised that his presence was not quite so welcome among the regular garden visitors. Suddenly there was a terrible commotion as the Blackbirds started shrieking at him, obviously telling him in no uncertain terms that he should hoppit! Then the Great Tits and  the Chaffinches joined in. He just sat there impassively, not bothered and not moving. Then they mocked him, and I don’t mean they made disparaging remarks! Time and again they swooped and almost knocked him off his perch but still he ignored them until, finally, the Magpies arrived and that was his signal to quit. Off he went.

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