First Anniversary

Tomorrow, 11 September 2012, I celebrate my first year writing monthly pieces for Garden News and I have loved every minute. A big thank you to Jackie Whittaker and the team at Bauer Media for giving me the opportunity.

Davids Garden Diary

In September 2011, the popular weekly gardening newspaper, ‘Garden News’, appealed for a regular correspondent based in the South West of England and I thought I would have a go as I love my garden, love writing and love garden photography; all the basic requirements they were looking for. I sent them a brief personal profile and a description of my garden with a couple of photos and to my astonishment they replied immediately confirming my appointment!

My first contribution was published on 11 October 2011. It took several days to write and re-write my first 500 words and agonise over which 5 of the 150 photos I had taken should accompany them! However, I needn’t have worried; the editorial staff shortened a couple of sentences and changed the odd word but, by and large, they seemed happy with it and asked me to continue to write for the “Over…

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