Six on Saturday

The garden plants escaped any major storm damage. No fences down, greenhouse intact, trees all still the right way up. However, my very heavy and expensive glass topped patio table was upended and flew against the wall causing a million tiny bits of safety glass to spread themselves far and wide. I will be picking it up forever! Fortunately, Bramblecrest still provide replacements but at £180 + delivery, it was an expensive storm!

Finally, some decent weather has arrived after the storms and I can get out there and start some actual gardening. The 1000 litres of soil improver is still sitting on the drive where it has lain for two weeks untouched! The Anemone blanda is loving the sunshine between the showers and is stretching her little faces upwards to catch the early morning rays.

Th Cyclamen coum are hardier than their delicate appearance would suggest. They can take everything the weather throws at them. The snowdrops are gradually fading after giving a great show, even holding their flowers aloft in 70mph winds last week. Next, it’s the turn of the daffs and hyacinths.

This multi-headed little beauty always cheers me up when she appears. The label disappeared eons ago so I can’t help with a name.

I don’t have many Hellebores, I found that they all gradually turn out to be a sort of muddy purple colour but these are a couple of beauties.

Finally, a Wallflower, Erysimum cheiri, which was sown four years ago , has flowered every year since and looks better than ever. The books say it is a biennial but this one appears to be perennial. The solitary bumble bees were all over it today.

Well, that’s my six for this Saturday.

Have a great weekend.


4 thoughts on “Six on Saturday

  1. I love muddy purple Hellebores! The only Hellebores I have are a few spindly discards from a neighbor, they haven’t bloomed yet so I don’t know what they will be, I’m just happy they’re still alive at this point. I don’t think plant breeders go for my preferred color palette – muddy purple, I suppose dusty grey jewel toned would describe it, anything off the tertiary portion of the color wheel. I just have to make things difficult, you know?

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