Six on Saturday

This David Austin rose ‘The Generous Gardener’ obviously didn’t get the memo! Freezing cold but still throwing out its beautiful baby pink flowers in January!

Another photo of Clematis cirrhosa ‘Freckles’ on the arch but from a few steps back to capture the gorgeous blue sky which is framing it today. It seems to revel in the frosty weather and has literally hundreds of blooms up, down and across the arch.

The sweet peas I sowed in December have gone a bit leggy! I forgot to sow them in October like I usually do so I can’t blame them. Must be the low light levels that causes it. However, as soon as the second set of leaves are open I will pinch them out which will prompt them to send up side shoots and bush out a bit.

The Vinca never seems to stop flowering and last year’s wallflowers are still going strong too. the first Anemone blanda scouts are just poking their heads up to check the weather and decide if it’s their time to shine yet.

I am disappointed with the polyanthus and winter pansies planted back in November and which should have been flowering by now. Not sure why they are just sitting there sulking. Perhaps they are about to burst forth. Nature works in mysterious ways!

The first snowdrops are just showing. I did a big lift and divide of all my clumps last year so I don’t expect the show to be quite as good this year. They seem to need a year or two to settle into their new surroundings and clump up a bit.

Well, that’s my Six.

Have a great weekend and stay warm.


7 thoughts on “Six on Saturday

  1. The rose is particularly impressive. However, still not convinced about DA roses as beautiful they are. They tend to be quite droopy in my soil, even though I choose varieties that are alleged to be tolerant of soil heading towards the sandy. So I think I’ll call it a day with roses!!

  2. Your pergola covered with the clematis is a total joy. I would be out there enjoying my coffee and looking up into those generous blooms. A very good choice of plant for this position so much better than a wall.

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