Six on Saturday

Got to be quick today, off to play golf! Six things I found interesting this morning included this Waldsteinia ternata which I hardly notice for eleven months of the year but this morning it was resplendent and shouting to be admired, which I did.

Phizzy Pheasant. Not the sort of bird I encourage into the garden but he doesn’t seem to do any damage and just pecks around with his wife for an hour or so then disappears. The males can get very territorial and aggressive if they haven’t already found a partner but Phizzy is already paired up which is lucky for the postman!

Lovely peach Japanese Quince, Chaenomeles japonica, grown from a pip many years ago and now flowering in the drive border. The red, white and dark pink cousins are yet to appear.

An unusual double Anemone blanda which has popped up amongst the singles.

Flowering currant, Ribes sanguineum, nothing special but an excellent source of early nectar for bees and other essential pollinators.

Dhalia tubers shooting in the greenhouse are promise of a bright and colourful summer to come.

Enjoy your weekend.



3 thoughts on “Six on Saturday

    • Hi Piglet
      Yes, the Anemone blanda is a beauty and I hope it will seed itself around. The blue/purple seem to dominate now, or else the white and pink ones have mostly reverted. Don’t really mind, they are all lovely. They open and close with the sun, a bit like myself!

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