Six on Saturday

A week on, and the Sorbus hupehensis foliage has turned a rusty brown which compliments the pink berries perfectly.

I have had a go at doing some winter pots. I usually plant my bulbs and top them with coarse grit to deter the squirrels but they look sad and empty through the dark days of December and January. So this year, not wallflowers as Monty Don suggested, but small evergreens which provide some colour and interest near the front door.

Erigeron karvinksianus, the Spanish Daisy or fleabane, is shrugging off the wind and rain and attempting to set a record for how far it can spread its seed across my garden. Any crack or crevice will do, any pot or flower bed, but it particularly enjoys the gaps in block paving!

My early October sown sweet peas have germinated well and will now sit in the cold greenhouse until the clocks go forward in March. will pinch out the tops twice to increase the flower power and prevent them from getting too leggy, although they are usually 30-40cm long when they get planted.

I ‘borrow’ this lovely red climbing rose from next door. It seems to prefer life on my side of the fence and rewards me with flowers continuously from May to December. It must be a very old variety as it has been there for at least 40 years. I wish all roses were as floriferous and trouble free as this one!

I have lifted the first of many Dahlia tubers, washed them off and put them in mushroom trays to dry before storing them in the shed. They need to be kept slightly moist to stop the tubers withering so I use old compost packed around them.

Still plenty to do despite the awful weather and this wretched virus but that’s all for this Six on Saturday.

Enjoy your weekend.


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