Rosa ‘Amber Queen’ with Alchemilla mollis and Geranium ‘Rozanne’

It is almost three years since I last posted anything on my blog so I was very surprised to receive comments from faithful followers welcoming me back yesterday! The horticultural blogging world is indeed a friendly place to learn, admire, share ideas and experiences. As I grow older and feel myself slowing down, I am more grateful than ever for my virtual friends on social media platforms like this.

In my defence, I have acquired two beautiful granddaughters and a new golf mad son-in-law since my last blog post which have kept me busy. The garden has evolved in response to changes in our family and to make things a little lower maintenance in the future and I will post the results just as soon as I can.

Thanks again!



4 thoughts on “Flattered!

  1. Dear David,
    Just to say I’m also enjoying your blog posts, but don’t have any other comments to make (except that I was interested to learn about prunella grandiflora after having spent part of the afternoon weeding out its vulgar relation, which does very well on our soil and pops up everywhere….. I must investigate grandiflora further!)
    I hope to pop over tomorrow afternoon in the early part of the afternoon, before the family zoom at 4.00. (and a Tesco’s delivery as well!) Thank you for including us in what my son calls your ‘risk budget’.
    I look forward to seeing your garden again, and can’t imagine you’re really serious about slowing down!
    With best wishes, Jane

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