Fire & Ice

DSC_0001I am absolutely smitten by Lychnis of all kinds and grow several types including this, my current favourite, Lychnis chalcedonica, or Maltese Cross (for obvious reasons!) It must be the easiest plant to propagate from seed. One seed head will produce literally hundreds of new plants. DSC_0009

The ice is provided by these little beauties, Lilium regale, which are easy and reliable and have doubled in quantity in their large pot since last year. The scent is just heavenly all day and into the night (as I found out at 3am this morning – no questions please!) and there is no doubting why. Just look at the amount of pollen on those stamens!

3 thoughts on “Fire & Ice

  1. Yes! Loads of the dreaded red beetle but I spent a few weeks squishing them early in the season and so flowers and (most) foliage intact.Don’t find Lilium regale as bad as asiatic lilies. I have some which are shredded unless I check them daily whereas the regals (in a big pot) are relatively unscathed. Mind you…different type of leaves???

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