Loam Stack Really Works!

003Not a particularly pretty picture I know, but I am thrilled with the result of a stack of turves I made last year when I dug a new border out of the front lawn. I had read about making ‘loam’  (a euphemism for ‘good soil’) which is exactly what I need in great quantity. So I decided not to hire a skip but instead to painstakingly stack the cut turf grass to grass and soil to soil in a tall metre square to see if alchemy would turn nasty clods of clay soil and a few grassy tufts into the good stuff. And it has!005

It’s still a bit sticky but the grass has composted and been absorbed into the soil to make a friable loam of sorts. It was easy to slice and dice and is now languishing in my raised beds ready for next year. Overall, a good way of using up waste turf if you have the room to leave it stacked for a year or so.

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