Black Russian Pesto Bruschetta

This is probably the easiest and best “Bruschetta” I have ever tasted and I thought I would now share it with the world!010

First, take fresh tomatoes, in this case one gorgeous 440gm Black Russian straight out of the garden.014

Slice thickly and gently fry until soft, turning once.018

Toast thick slices of a crusty loaf; this was rosemary olive bread but any decent artisan bread will do.019

Spread a good quality green basil pesto on the toast – no butter required.025

Pile the fried tomatoes on top.031

Sprinkle with grated cheddar, parmesan or mozzarella and season to taste.


3 thoughts on “Black Russian Pesto Bruschetta

  1. Why bother to fry the tomato? When you’ve a wonderful variety like Black Russian (we have them too) leave it as it is to enjoy all the wonderful flavour.

    • You are right, they taste delicious as they come but this is a hot snack for lunch and we find the flavour of tomatoes is enhanced by gently frying them. They obviously mix wonderfully with the pesto and we like grated mozzarella on top. Everyone to their own!

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