On the Radio!

007An exciting day last Thursday. I was invited to take part in a LIVE outside broadcast by BBC Radio Gloucestershire from an allotment site in Ebley, near Stroud. I am involved with The Conservation Foundation in running a ‘Tool Amnesty’ whereby old, broken and unwanted garden hand tools are collected, refurbished as part of a re-training programme in workshops at HM Prison Bristol and then donated to schools and community groups to encourage the next generation of gardeners.

It was fun and reminded me of my time as Sales Director when a large part of my job was getting publicity for my company. I was on for about 6 minutes which is a long time to talk, something I have never had any difficulty with!001

The presenter, Chris Baxter and his producer, Joanna, toured the allotments and stopped unsuspecting gardeners for a chat. This guy is Jim, the chairman of the allotment committee and an allotment holder for……..47 years! I admire his stamina.

1 thought on “On the Radio!

  1. I love the idea of collecting old and unwanted tools, refurbishing them and handing them over to budding new gardeners. In a day where recycling is key, this is a great way of using unwanted or unloved tools and teaching the younger generation how to grow your own at the same time. Fantastic!!

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