Brock the Badger I presume?

Just had some thoughts from a neighbour with similar Badger damage – she reckons it was probably a bees nest they were after hence why the damage was specific and limited to one place. The bees must have been under the steps.

Davids Garden Diary

This morning we awoke to find that we had had visitors during the night!051

They had obviously taken a dislike to Anthemis punctata and dug it up along with all the soil directly behind my wooden steps. My friend Paddy (with the Hartley Botanic heated greenhouse) reckons it was a Badger looking for worms, but why there? They had to walk all across the front lawn to get to this particular spot and must have passed millions of other worms in the process. 049

It was rather odd that they actually dug underneath the steps in search of their supper but perhaps that is where the moist soil containing the juiciest worms was. The soil on top was as dry as a bone and definitely wormless!048

Given that this has happened after a prolonged dry spell I am  going to forgive and forget. The Badgers in our county are having a…

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