Where are all the Bees?!

011The apple tree is heaving with blossom and I am hopeful of a very good crop of our delicious apples this year except for one thing……..there are no bees! Last year it was the warm March followed by a cold and wet April and May which did for them. What is happening this year? We had a cold start but it has been warm and dry for several weeks now and yet there are very few bees flying. Even last weekend with several consecutive warm and sunny days I hardly saw any. I have a bad feeling………..

6 thoughts on “Where are all the Bees?!

  1. Huh! it’s happening in your part of the world as well! Same here in NJ…and apparently same in many places across the US. I have a very very nightmarish feeling…welcome to the world of pesticides, chemicals and monsanto…

  2. I was recently at the campus of Longwood University. Part of the lawn is pretty heavily impregnated with clover, so I looked for bees. And during my walk of 10 minutes or so, I didn’t see a single bee and thought it very strange, sad and distrubing…so, I agree… where are the bees ?

  3. Glad to read that your bees arrived and the apple crop is underway. On 10th May I posted a photograph of a bee in our garden; here in South Oxfordshire I could hear them all buzzing from inside the house!

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