Wonderful Winning Weekend

005                                                                                                                                         Despite all the recent meteorological doom and gloom, The Cheltenham Horticultural Society held it’s Spring Flower and Craft Show as planned on Sunday. It was only my second foray into the mysterious world of horticultural shows but buoyed up by last summer’s relatively successful attempt, I entered eight classes including the above attempt at ‘Floral Art’ for novices which was titled “At Breakfast”24032013532.                                    Even with the tray back to front I won first prize and a kind note from the judge! 24032013533              And yes, I did the whole thing myself including the boiled eggs!


This was followed by a further 1st prize for a vase of 3 yellow un-named Daffodils,  1st prize for a vase of 3 daffodils of any other colour combination (pictured above) and 1st prize for a vase of 1 tulip stem.002

The demure little common Primula vulgaris I entered won 2nd prize for ‘1 container of Primrose or Polyanthus’ beating off stiff competition from loads of garishly coloured and unnatural looking examples of the species. It might have done even better if I hadn’t had to remove the front two leaves due to slug damage!24032013530

My wife, Cathy, swept the board with 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the Handicrafts section for ‘An article, hand knitted or crocheted’. Her baby’s jacket, baby blanket and scarf were simply the best. 24032013536

Her Orange Drizzle Cake came second in a class of 12 others and is absolutely delicious!

All in all, a wonderful show in dreadful weather. With over 200 entries and 300 visitors, it was a tribute to the hard work of the organising committee and volunteers.

Roll on August and the Summer Show!

11 thoughts on “Wonderful Winning Weekend

  1. Congratulations :-). I have to agree with the judge’s words; If someone serves me breakfast like that, I will forget to eat it and will keep on admiring the arrangement. That cake looks delicious too, only if there was a way to share with bloggers :-). And her needlework is absolutely adorable. So, cuuuuuuuuteeeeee :-).

    • Thanks Jeanne. It was not hard work, just very enjoyable. Cathy knits and crochets all year round and is a wonderful cook. It was a bit more tricky getting the flowers to perform on cue but we managed. What I didn’t say in the blog is that my floating Hellebore flowers came nowhere!

    • As you know Chris, the Devil is in the detail and I can confirm they were boiled for 5 minutes and then plunged into cold water! Furthermore, they didn’t go to waste as we made them into egg mayonnaise sandwiches for lunch yesterday!

    • Hello Heidi. It was made to a recipe provided by the organisers to ensure an ‘apples with apples’ comparison. Strange then that all 13 cakes looked different! Seriously though, if you really want the recipe I will post it for you. Let me know.

  2. Bravo. I havent plucked up courage to enter a competition yet but have been roped into helping with the show at my local club so have decided to have a go though it may be with baking rather than horticultural as I am more confident with baking.

    Good to meet you today

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