The Dangers of ‘Help Yourself’

In my recent post on Lily Landini I mentioned the imminent white and pink trumpet flowers of Lily ‘Triumphator’. Well……… they are!

Not ‘Triumphator’!

Not quite what I expected! Another bulb is still to flower so let’s hope the mistake was not repeated twice!

It is very irritating when something like this goes wrong but I only have myself to blame. In typical trusting fashion, I relied on the supplier to have the right bulbs in the right boxes when I helped myself from the enticing selection on display at the Hampton Court show. Someone probably hesitated, changed their mind and put a bulb back in the wrong box which I then picked up. I would not have purchased a lily this colour but, despite not knowing it’s name, I will find it a place in the garden.


The second bulb opened today and to my relief…it was ‘Triumphator’!

Lily ‘Triumphator’

It is amazing to see the huge green bud one day and this huge trumpet flower the next, one of the wonders of nature.

How could any pollinating insect resist!

Loaded with pollen, this giant flower sits patiently waiting for some lucky insects to pass by.


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